Burn injuries in the ICU: A case scenario approach

Simko, Lynn Coletta; Culleiton, Alicia L.

Nursing Critical Care . 12(2):12-22, March 2017.

This article uses a case scenario to review various types of burn injuries, burn pathophysiology, and what nurses need to know to provide comprehensive assessment and resuscitative care to patients with this type of injury.

Caring for patients with burn injuries

Culleiton, Alicia L.; Simko, Lynn M.

Nursing Critical Care . 8(1):14-22, January 2013.

Caring for a patient with severe burn injuries offers many challenges for critical care nurses. Find out about various types of burns and providing initial resuscitative care for a patient if treatment in a designated burn center facility or burn ICU isn't possible.

Keeping electrolytes & fluids in balance part 1

Culleiton, Alicia L.; Simko, Lynn C.

Nursing Critical Care . 6(2):30-35, March 2011.

This is the first part of a general overview of the electrolytes tested and I.V. fluids used in critical care areas. The article focuses on imbalances in sodium and water, and describes the common causes, signs and symptoms, and available treatments for correcting electrolyte abnormalities and fluid imbalances.

Hey, teacher!

Culleiton, Alicia L.; Shellenbarger, Teresa; Stoker, Amy

Nursing Critical Care . 2(6):46-51, November 2007.

For an effective partnership, staff and faculty must work together to plan and implement care and evaluate students. Adherence to these partnership strategies may help ensure a positive learning experience for all involved parties.