January 2013 - Volume 8 - Issue 1
pp: 4-48


Heart Beats

Research Rounds

Topics in Progressive Care


Caring for patients with burn injuries

Culleiton, Alicia L.; Simko, Lynn M.

Nursing Critical Care . 8(1):14-22, January 2013.

Caring for a patient with severe burn injuries offers many challenges for critical care nurses. Find out about various types of burns and providing initial resuscitative care for a patient if treatment in a designated burn center facility or burn ICU isn't possible.

Acute carbon monoxide toxicity

Laing, Craig

Nursing Critical Care . 8(1):30-34, January 2013.

During winter, the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) toxicity from malfunctioning heaters and inadequate ventilation increases. Even experienced healthcare professionals may miss signs and symptoms of this potentially fatal disorder. Learn to recognize CO toxicity promptly and respond appropriately.

Sedation Vacation: Worth The Trip

Hogue, Michael D.; Mamula, Staci

Nursing Critical Care . 8(1):35-37, January 2013.

Daily sedation interruption (DSI, also called a sedation vacation) can be beneficial for mechanically ventilated patients. Here's what you need to know about DSI so that evidence-based guidelines are followed when sedatives and analgesics are stopped temporarily.

Understanding the heart-brain link

Overstreet, Winsome; Frederick, Murielle

Nursing Critical Care . 8(1):44-47, January 2013.

Cardiac abnormalities can precipitate neurologic events in patients admitted to the neuroscience ICU. But neurologic injury hasn't always been recognized as a risk factor for cardiac dysrhythmias. This article explores the link between cardiac dysrhythmias and various neurologic disorders and injuries including trauma, ischemic stroke, and intracranial hemorrhage.