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Linda Laskowski-Jones
A forum to discuss the latest news and ideas in nursing and healthcare.

Latest Entry: 1/9/2014 Too much of a good thing?

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20 Questions: Evidence-based practice or sacred cow?

Despite dramatic advances in nursing and medical research, many nurses continue to promote outdated nursing practices that have been proven ineffective, unnecessary, and, in some cases, downright dangerous. Based on tradition rather than science, these "sacred cows" are often revered by nurses and hard to dislodge from practice. 

 Can you distinguish sacred cows from evidence-based interventions? Help us gather information about current nursing practice nationwide by responding to our confidential and anonymous survey. We’ll publish the results in an upcoming issue of Nursing2014 and provide references and rationales for each correct answer.

Deadline for responses is May 31, 2014.

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Is your last name included on your work ID badge?
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