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A collection of articles aimed at student nurses and nurses just entering the profession.

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Put a stop to bullying new nurses

Flateau-Lux, Laura R.; Gravel, Tammy

Nursing . 43(6):24-28, June 2013.

Also called horizontal violence, bullying involves psychological and social harassment perpetrated by nurses against other nurses. First identified over two decades ago, this troubling phenomenon persists today. Be part of the solution by taking the practical steps outlined in this article.

Nursing U: a new concept for nursing orientation

Culley, Thomas; Babbie, Andrea; Clancey, Jeanne; More

Nursing . 41(11):59-61, November 2011.

Nursing orientation doesn't have to be dry and dull. Nurse educators can take this innovative approach, which resulted in giving new nurses a better learning experience. The bottom line? Fewer errors and a higher retention rate.

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