Recognizing and managing osteoarthritis

Harris, Helene; Crawford, Ann

Nursing . 45(1):36-42, January 2015.

Bone up on the pathophysiology, risk factors, manifestations, and treatment options for this painful condition, which affects up to 70% of Americans ages 55 to 74. Your appropriate assessment, referrals, and interventions can help patients with osteoarthritis lead safe, active, and independent lives.

Hepatitis goes viral

Harris, Helene; Crawford, Ann

Nursing . 43(11):38-43, November 2013.

Update your knowledge about five types of viral hepatitis, including how diagnosis, treatment, and nursing care differ depending on the causative pathogen. Reading this article will help prepare you to minimize the risk of serious complications and educate patients about self care.

Adrenal cortex disorders: Hormones out of kilter

Crawford, Ann; Harris, Helene

Nursing . 42(10):32-38, October 2012.

Adrenal cortical hormones affect virtually every body system. By reviewing two complex disorders—adrenal cortical insufficiency (Addison disease) and adrenal cortical hypersecretion (Cushing syndrome)—nurses will be better prepared to recognize the wide-ranging effects on their patients' health and intervene appropriately.

SIADH: Fluid out of balance

Crawford, Ann; Harris, Helene

Nursing . 42(9):50-58, September 2012.

The syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) can be fatal if not promptly identified and treated. Refresh your knowledge about how to recognize this disorder, provide appropriate care, and educate patients about their condition.

Balancing act: Na+ Sodium K+ Potassium

Crawford, Ann; Harris, Helene

Nursing . 41(7):44-50, July 2011.

An imbalance between these two key electrolytes can be disastrous for your patient. Make sure you can recognize trouble early and intervene appropriately by reading this in-depth review. This is the second in a series of articles on fluids and electrolytes.