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Mind-Mapped Care Plans: A Remarkable Alternative to Traditional Nursing Care Plans

Mueller, Alma MEd, RN; Johnston, Mary MS, RN; Bligh, Diane MS, RN

Nurse Educator:

Nursing care plans have helped students learn problem solving for nursing practice, but creativity and the interrelationship of patient problems are not stimulated by their linear nature. Joining mind mapping with care planning forces connections, engages whole brain thinking, and stimulates creativity. The authors describe mind mapping, infusion of mind-mapped care plans into the curriculum, the teaching/learning process of mapped care plans, and the positive outcomes of mind mapping nursing care plans.

Author Information

Alma Mueller, MEd, RN, Chair and Professor,,

Mary Johnston, MS, RN, Program Coordinator and Professor,,

Diane Bligh, MS, RN, Associate Professor,, Front Range Community College, Westminster, Colorado.

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