Checklist for Authors

When submitting articles to Strength & Conditioning Journal, authors are required to pay special attention to the following items.  Failure to properly address these items may result in the return of the manuscript without review:

  • Consult the full SCJ Instructions for Authors prior to submitting a paper
  • Include a “lead summary,” 50 words for columns and 100 words for articles
  • Provide approximately 1-2 figures or tables for each 500 words of manuscript
  • The editorial staff encourages supplemental “video content” for new and innovative exercises or drills (following guidelines for Supplemental Digital Content in the SCJ Instructions for Authors)
  • In-line citations should be used for non-scientific material
  • Scientific references should be formatted appropriately, numbered alphabetically, with all reference numbers called out in the text
  • SCJ is not a research journal; NO unpublished data may be used in the manuscript, tables, figures, or references (including surveys, case studies, observational data, descriptive statistics, etc.)
  • Include “practical applications” near the end of the manuscript
  • Tables (text) must have appropriate permissions if copied or adapted; table legends should explain the table so it “stands alone”
  • Figures (photos or drawings) must have appropriate permissions if copied or adapted; figure legends should explain the figure so it “stands alone”
  • Include head shots and current work/school position for all authors of articles
  • Include all required paperwork signed by the author including the copyright assignment, model releases, and permissions to reprint all copied or adapted figures and tables
New! Supplemental Digital Content
Authors are now invited to submit short video clips with their articles that will link directly to the video from the electronic copy of the manuscript.  Specific instructions for submitting short video clips can be found in the Author Checklist for Supplemental Digital Content.  Video clips will be reviewed as a part of the manuscript. Here is an example of a video used in an Exercise Technique column.