October 2011 - Volume 25 - Issue 10
pp: 2639-2

Exercise Intensity and Technical Demands of Small-Sided Games in Young Brazilian Soccer Players: Effect of Number of Players, Maturation, and Reliability

da Silva, Cristiano D; Impellizzeri, Franco M; Natali, Antônio J; More

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research . 25(10):2746-2751, October 2011.

Effect of Strength Training and the Practice of Alpine Skiing on Bone Mass Density, Growth, Body Composition, and the Strength and Power of the Legs of Adolescent Skiers

Emeterio, Carlos Álvarez-San; Antuñano, Nieves Palacios-Gil; López-Sobaler, Ana MarÍa; More

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research . 25(10):2879-2890, October 2011.

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