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Effect of Heavy Dynamic Resistive Exercise on Acute Upper-Body Power.

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: November 2001
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There is limited research to support the notion that heavy resistive exercise immediately before a power movement may acutely enhance performance. Upper-body acute power enhancement during a stretch-shorten cycle (SSC) movement has not been previously investigated. The aim of this project was to determine whether a set of 5 repetitions of 5 repetition maximum (RM) bench press preceding explosive pushups would significantly influence indicators of power: impulse and maximum rate of force development. Subjects randomly performed either explosive push-ups only over a force platform or a set of 5RM bench press before the explosive push-ups. There were no significant differences for any of the force platform data when the explosive push-ups were preceded by a set of 5RM bench press. It appears that heavy dynamic resistive upper-body exercise on its own before an upper-body power activity is inadequate in ugmenting short-term power.

(C) 2001 National Strength and Conditioning Association