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Strength and Conditioning Practices of National Football League Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research:
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This article describes the results of a survey of the practices of National Football League strength and conditioning (NFL S&C) coaches. The response rate was 87% (26 of 30). This survey examines survey participant (a) background information, (b) physical testing, (c) flexibility development, (d) speed development, (e) plyometrics, (f) strength/power development, (g) unique aspects, and (h) comments. Results reveal that 18 of 26 (69%) NFL S&C coaches follow a periodization model (PM). Of these coaches, 14 of 16 (88%) who responded to the question reported their athletes used Olympic-style lifts, and 17 of 18 coaches (94%) employed plyometric exercises. Coaches who reported following a PM tested an average of 9.8 variables of fitness, which is an average of 3.55 times per year. Seven of 26 (27%) NFL S&C coaches did not follow a PM (NPM). Five of 7 (71%) of these coaches reported following "high-intensity training" (HIT) principles. None of these coaches reported using Olympic-style lifts. Two of 7 (29%) reported using plyometrics. NFL S&C coaches who follow an NPM reported testing an average of 2.12 variables of fitness, which is an average of 2 times per year. A variety of other strength and conditioning practices were examined.

(C) 2001 National Strength and Conditioning Association