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A Comparison of Three Different Rest Intervals Between Multiple Squat Bouts.

Larson, Gerald D. Jr; Potteiger, Jeffrey A.
Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: May 1997
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The effects of 3 different rest intervals on resistance training performance were examined. Fifteen resistance trained men completed 4 testing sessions. Session 1 was used to establish a 10 repetition maximum (RM). During the next 3 sessions the subjects performed 4 sets of squats to voluntary exhaustion with 85% of their 10-RM. Recovery time among sets was randomly assigned from: achieving a postexercise heart rate of 60% age-predicted maximum (Post-HR); a timed 3-min interval (3-min); and a 1:3 work:rest ratio (1:3 W/R). No significant differences were observed in repetitions to exhaustion, blood lactate concentrations, or RPE among the 3 recovery conditions. Post-HR, 3-min, and 1:3 W/R recovery conditions were equally effective methods of recovery during the 4 sets of parallel squats to exhaustion.

(C) 1997 National Strength and Conditioning Association