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Latest Entry: 3/27/2015 TBI Patients Found to Have Accelerated Rate of Brain Atrophy

Steven P. Ringel, MD, FAAN

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Is Intra-Arterial Treatment for Stroke a Game-Changer? 

Three clinical trials have now replicated the findings of MR CLEAN study, which supported early endovascular removal of the stroke-causing clots as the new standard-of-care. Watch Neurology Today Editor-in-chief Dr. Steven P. Ringel and Associate Editor Dr. Robert G. Holloway Jr. discuss the impact the new findings could have on practice. 

Read the Neurology Today story here.


Ethics: When Family and Friends Make Informal Requests for Care 

All physicians receive informal requests for treatment or prescriptions, and physicians are often unsure about the ethical, legal, and prudential boundaries of acceptable medical care in these situations. Watch Dr. Ringel and Dr. Holloway discuss strategies for dealing with informal requests. 

A 2014 paper in the New England Journal of Medicine focusing on how to address these ethical quandaries was selected as particularly noteworthy by Neurology Today editorial advisory board member Dr. James L. Bernat. Read the story here.


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