Parkinson's and Movement Disorders

Updated:   10/2/2014
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Creator: Jamie Talan
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Neurology Today 
Experts on dystonia teamed up to bring an old definition and a classification system up to date. Anthony E. Lang, MD, a movement disorders specialist at the University of Toronto, talks to Neurology Today about the new consensus report — what they changed, what they kept in, and why — to make the diagnosis of dystonia more accurate. For the full story, see the September 5 issue of Neurology Today.
Creator: NIH
Duration: 0:53
Journal: Neurology Today
A video demonstration of the Odor Identification Test in adults from the NIH Toolbox. NIH Toolbox is a multidimensional set of brief measures assessing cognitive, emotional, motor, and sensory function from ages 3-85, meeting the need for a standard set of measures that can be used as a “common currency” across diverse study designs and settings. Visit for more information.
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