​​​American Headache Society Annual Meeting

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Hot off the press from the 2016 American Headache Society Annual Meeting:

June 11—Five Years After TBI, One-Third of Patients Still Suffer from Persistent Headaches

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June 11—Men with Migraine Are Less Likely Than Women to Be Diagnosed and Treated

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June 11—In Obese Women, More Than 43 Percent of Migraines Go Untreated, Study Finds

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June 12—CGRP Receptor Antagonist for Migraine Increases Odds of Being Pain Free in Two Hours, But Falls Short in Reducing Severity in Remaining Patients

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June 12—CGRP Drug Improves Wellness on Headache-Free Days, Study Finds​

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June 12—Migraine Trigger Factors Vary Widely, Sometimes Contradicting Patients' Perceptions, Studies Find​

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