August 2016 - Volume 63 - Supplement 1, CLINICAL NEUROSURGERY
pp: N1-N6,1-213

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Honored Guest Lecture

Honored Guest Lecture

Honored Guest Lecture

Julius Goodman Resident Award

Sam Hassenbusch Young Neurosurgeon Award

Depuy Synthes Award for Resident Research on Brain and Craniofacial Injury

Depuy Synthes Award for Resident Research on Spinal Cord and Spinal Column Injury

Ronald R. Tasker Award

Journal of Neuro-Oncology Award

Sherry Apple Resident Travel Scholarship

Oral Presentations of the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons: San Diego, California: September 24-28, 2016: CNS Resident Award: PDF Only

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107 Evaluating the Costs of Follow-up Imaging Protocol for Endovascularly Treated Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms: A Multicenter Study.

Gupta, Raghav; Griessenauer, Christoph Johannes; Adeeb, Nimer; More

Neurosurgery . 63():145-146, August 2016.

114 Treatment of Bifurcation Aneurysms Using Single Stent-Coiling With Relation to Aneurysm Configuration: A Cohort Study of Two Academic Institutions in the United States.

Adeeb, Nimer; Patel, Apar S.; Griessenauer, Christoph Johannes; More

Neurosurgery . 63():148, August 2016.

115 The Southwestern Aneurysm Scoring Index Prediction of Outcomes at 1 Year in Ruptured Aneurysms Treated With Microsurgery.

Ban, Vin Shen; Beecher, Jeffrey S.; Eddleman, Christopher S.; More

Neurosurgery . 63():148-149, August 2016.

117 Quantitative CT Ventriculography for Assessment and Monitoring of Hydrocephalus: A Pilot Study and Description of Method in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.

Oermann, Eric Karl; Multani, Jasjit; Mascitelli, Justin Robert; More

Neurosurgery . 63():149, August 2016.

124 Low-Back Pain Relief With a New 32-Contact Surgical Lead and Neural Targeting Algorithm.

Pilitsis, Julie G.; Barolat, Giancarlo; Rosenow, Joshua M.; More

Neurosurgery . 63():151, August 2016.

134 VANTAGE Trial: Three-Year Outcomes of a Prospective, Multicenter Trial Evaluating Deep Brain Stimulation With a New Multiple-Source, Constant-Current Rechargeable System in...

Timmermann, Lars; Jain, Roshini; Chen, Lilly; More

Neurosurgery . 63():155, August 2016.

135 A Comparison of Outcomes Between Deep Brain Stimulation Under General Anesthesia Versus Conscious Sedation With Awake Evaluation.

Alesch, François; Jain, Roshini; Chen, Lilly; More

Neurosurgery . 63():155, August 2016.

142 Genetic and Nongenetic Determinants of Cellular Architecture in IDH1-Mutant Oligodendrogliomas and Astrocytomas Using Single-Cell Transcriptome Analysis.

Venteicher, Andrew Sean; Tirosh, Itay; Hebert, Christine; More

Neurosurgery . 63():158, August 2016.

148 Predictive Model for Return to Work After Elective Surgery for Lumbar Degenerative Disease: An Analysis From National Neurosurgery Quality Outcomes Database Registry.

Asher, Anthony L.; Chotai, Silky; Devin, Clinton J.; More

Neurosurgery . 63():160, August 2016.

152 A Prospective Controlled Trial of the Effect of Surgeon Cost Scorecards on Operating Room Surgical Cost Reduction.

Zygourakis, Corinna Clio; Valencia, Victoria; Moriates, Chris; More

Neurosurgery . 63():161-162, August 2016.

157 Open and Endovascular Treatment of Spinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistulae: A 10-Year Experience.

Koch, Matthew; Stapleton, Christopher J.; Agarwalla, Pankaj Kumar; More

Neurosurgery . 63():163, August 2016.

163 Microstructural MRI Quantifies Tract-Specific Injury and Correlates With Global Disability and Focal Neurological Deficits in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy.

Martin, Allan R.; De Leener, Benjamin; Cohen-Adad, Julien; More

Neurosurgery . 63():165, August 2016.

165 What Is the Effect of Open vs Percutaneous Screws on Complications Among Patients Undergoing Lateral Interbody Fusion for Adult Spinal Deformity?.

Than, Khoi Duc; Nguyen, Stacie; Park, Paul; More

Neurosurgery . 63():166, August 2016.

166 Predictive Modeling of Length of Hospital Stay Following Adult Spinal Deformity Correction: Analysis of 653 Patients With an Accuracy of 75% Within 2 Days.

Scheer, Justin K.; Ailon, Tamir T.; Smith, Justin S.; More

Neurosurgery . 63():166-167, August 2016.

178 High Abbreviated Injury Scale Grade Conversion Rate Following Neuro-Spinal Scaffold Implantation in Acute Thoracic Complete Abbreviated Injury Scale A Spinal Cord Injury:...

Theodore, Nicholas; Kim, Kee Duk; Hsieh, Patrick C.; More

Neurosurgery . 63():171, August 2016.

181 Guidelines for the Management of Patients With Spinal Cord Injury: The Optimal Timing of Decompression.

Wilson, Jefferson R.; BSc, Lindsay Tetreault; Aarabi, Bizhan; More

Neurosurgery . 63():172, August 2016.

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