August 2015 - Volume 62 - Supplement 1, CLINICAL NEUROSURGERY
pp: N1-N6,1-234

Presidential Address

Honored Guest Lecture

Special Lecture

Honored Guest Lecture

Journal of Neuro-Oncology Award

Impact of Timing of Concurrent Chemoradiation for Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma: A Critical Review of Current Evidence

Han, Seunggu J.; Englot, Dario J.; Birk, Harjus; More

Neurosurgery . 62():160-165, August 2015.

Brainlab Community Neurosurgery Award

National Brain Tumor Society Mahaley Clinical Research Award

Synthes Cerebrovascular Award

Galbraith Award (Resident Award)

Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Resident Award

Julius Goodman Resident Award (Socioeconomic)

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Oral Presentations of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, New Orleans, LA September 26-30, 2015: CNS Resident Award: PDF Only

CNS Resident Award: PDF Only

Julius Goodman Resident Award: PDF Only

107 ReACT: Overall Survival From a Randomized Phase II Study of Rindopepimut (CDX-110) Plus Bevacizumab in Relapsed Glioblastoma.

Reardon, David A.; Schuster, James M.; Tran, David Dinh; More

Neurosurgery . 62():198-199, August 2015.

108 Spatially Different Temporal Filtering With X-Ray Attenuator: A Novel Technique of Dose Reduction in Neuroendovascular Interventions.

Sonig, Ashish; Setlur Nagesh, Swetadri Vasan; Natarajan, Sabareesh Kumar; More

Neurosurgery . 62():199, August 2015.

Samuel Hassenbusch Young Neurosurgeon Award: PDF Only

Stryker Neuro-Oncology Award: PDF Only

117 OR Score: Reducing Operating Room Costs Through a Hospital-Wide Price Transparency Initiative.

Zygourakis, Corinna Clio; Valencia, Victoria; Moriates, Chris; More

Neurosurgery . 62():202-203, August 2015.

National Brain Tumor Society Mahaley Clinical Research Award: PDF Only

123 Quantitative Volumetric Magnetic Resonance Perfusion Identifies a Distinct Vasculogenic Molecular Subtype of Human Glioblastoma Associated With Worse Clinical Outcomes.

Achrol, Achal Singh; Liu, Tiffany; Mitchell, Lex A.; More

Neurosurgery . 62():204-205, August 2015.

Ronald R. Tasker Young Investigator Award: PDF Only

130 Bilateral Fornix Deep Brain Stimulation for Alzheimer Disease: Surgical Safety in the ADvance Trial.

Ponce, Francisco A.; Asaad, Wael; Foote, Kelly D.; More

Neurosurgery . 62():207, August 2015.

132 Intraoperative, High-Resolution Electrocorticography Mapping in Parkinson Patients During a Reaching Task Supports a Compensatory Role for Sensorimotor Cortical Oscillations in...

Rowland, Nathan Christopher; de Hemptinne, Coralie; Swann, Nicki; More

Neurosurgery . 62():208, August 2015.

Synthes Skull Base Surgery Award: PDF Only

134 Comparison of Extent of Tumor Resection and Endocrine Outcomes for Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas of a Less Experienced Surgeon Using a Fully Endoscopic Transsphenoidal...

Zaidi, Hasan; Bohl, Michael; Awad, Al-Wala; More

Neurosurgery . 62():208-209, August 2015.

Integra Foundation Award: PDF Only

135 Imaging Patterns Predict Patient Survival and Molecular Subtype in Glioblastoma Using Machine Learning Techniques.

Pisapia, Jared M.; Macyszyn, Luke; Akbari, Hamed; More

Neurosurgery . 62():209, August 2015.

Brainlab Neurosurgery Award: PDF Only

136 Complete Resection of Contrast-Enhancing Tumor Volume is Associated With Improved Survival in Recurrent Glioblastoma Results From the DIRECTOR Trial.

Suchorska, Bogdana; Weller, Michael; Tabatabai, Ghazaleh; More

Neurosurgery . 62():209, August 2015.

American Brain Tumor Association Young Investigator Award: PDF Only

Journal of Neuro-Oncology Award: PDF Only

Preuss Award: PDF Only

Columbia Softball Charity Award: PDF Only

140 A High-Throughput In Vitro Drug Screen in a Genetically Engineered Mouse Model of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Identifies BMS-754807 as a Promising Therapeutic Agent.

Halvorson, Kyle Gregory; Barton, Kelly L.; Schroeder, Kristin; More

Neurosurgery . 62():211, August 2015.

143 The Combination of anti-TIM-3 and anti-PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibitors With Focused Radiation Resulted in a Synergistic Antitumor Immune Response in a Preclinical Glioma Model.

Kim, Jennifer E.; Patel, Mira A.; Mangraviti, Antonella; More

Neurosurgery . 62():212, August 2015.

145 A Cost-Effectiveness Comparison Between Open Transforaminal and Minimally Invasive Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusions Using the Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio at 2-Year...

Gandhoke, Gurpreet Surinder; Shin, Han-Moe; Chang, Yue-Fang; More

Neurosurgery . 62():212-213, August 2015.

147 Oswestry Disability Index Score 3 Months After Elective Lumbar Spine Surgery Does Not Accurately Identify Effective vs Noneffective Spine Care at 12 Months.

Asher, Anthony L.; Chotai, Silky; Devin, Clinton J.; More

Neurosurgery . 62():213-214, August 2015.

Synthes Cerebrovascular Award: PDF Only

157 Neurocognitive Decline and Recovery in Patients Undergoing Microsurgical vs Endovascular Treatment of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms.

Caveney, Angi; Pandey, Aditya S.; Langenecker, Scott A.; More

Neurosurgery . 62():217, August 2015.

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