August 2011 - Volume 69 - Issue 2
pp: N11-N12,235-500,E501-E524,InsideBackCover-InsideBa

Intentional Hypertension During Dissection of Carotid Arteries in Endarterectomy Prevents Postoperative Development of New Cerebral Ischemic Lesions Caused by Intraoperative...

Kobayashi, Masakazu; Ogasawara, Kuniaki; Yoshida, Kenji; More

Neurosurgery . 69(2):301-307, August 2011.

Thromboembolic Complications After Neuroform Stent-Assisted Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms: The Duke Cerebrovascular Center Experience in 235 Patients With 274 Stents

Lessne, Mark L; Shah, Pratish; Alexander, Michael J; More

Neurosurgery . 69(2):369-375, August 2011.

Editor's Choice

Whole Genome Analysis From Microdissected Tissue Revealed Adult Supratentorial Grade II-III Gliomas Are Divided Into Clinically Relevant Subgroups by Genetic Profile

Hirose, Yuichi; Sasaki, Hikaru; Miwa, Tomoru; More

Neurosurgery . 69(2):376-390, August 2011.

Editor's Choice

In Reply:

Harrigan, Mark R; Ardelt, Agnieszka A; Fisher, Winfield S III; More

Neurosurgery . 69(2):E512-E513, August 2011.

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