Creator:   Neurosurgery
Created:   4/19/2012
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This collection includes videos from Neurosurgery's most recent tumor articles.

Creator: Francesco Prada
Duration: 0:54
Journal: Neurosurgery
Intraoperative video obtained prior to resection of a right parietal glioblastoma. The screen displays dual ultrasound imaging of the same field of view with low MI US B-mode imaging on the left hand side and iCEUS imaging on the right hand side of the screen. Standard B-mode US allows identification of the region of interest while iCEUS is performed. On the left inferior corner is also visible a timer, which is manually started after UCA injection and permits the evaluation of the different vascular phases. Note how iCEUS is able to show the dynamic perfusion of the lesion, highlighting major feeding vessels, intralesion arteries, tumor mass, cystic/necrotic areas and draining veins. iCEUS degree of enhancement of the lesion is compared to normal brain parenchyma CE.
Creator: Dávid Kis
Duration: 4:39
Journal: Neurosurgery
The video shows the spatial distribution of the thalamic nuclei and the tumor, based on the results of the thalamus segmentation, in Patient 1-5, respectively. The colors represent the following connectivity: yellow – prefrontal, green – premotor, light blue – primary motor, dark blue – primary sensory, orange – posterior parietal, purple – occipital, pink – temporal lobe. The tumor is black. During the spatial rotation of the thalamus-tumor complex, better insight is provided of the spatial localization and relation of the nuclei to the tumor. At the end of each section, the video shows how the tumor grew into the occipital horn of the lateral ventricle
Creator: Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa
Duration: 9:20
Journal: Neurosurgery
The purpose of this video series is to document how indocyanine green (ICG) videography can be used prior to dural opening to help identify and preserve potentially critical draining veins into the sagittal sinus during resection of parasagittal lesions
Creator: Juan C. Fernández-Miranda
Duration: 1:22
Journal: Neurosurgery
This video illustrates the surgical removal or identification of the middle clinoid in various situations: transellar approach with normal sella, transellar approach with expanded sella, and suprasellar approach with normal sella.