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Created:   4/11/2012
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This collection includes videos from Neurosurgery's most recent pediatric articles.

Creator: Nathan R Selden
Duration: 9:52
Journal: Neurosurgery
This video summarizes a dural splitting craniocervical decompression procedure for Chiari I without syringomyelia. The goal of surgery for Chiari 1 malformation is to restore normal cerebral spinal fluid dynamics at the craniocervical junction. Traditionally, shrinkage or even resection of the cerebellar tonsils has been advocated. More recently, simple duraplasty without manipulation of the intradural contents or even extradural decompression have been undertaken. A dural splitting decompression procedure in a 17-year-old male who presented with medically refractory, unremitting and progressive suboccipital headaches is described.
Creator: Giuseppe Talamonti
Duration: 0:19
Journal: Neurosurgery
This video demonstrates the neuronavigator is useful to approach precisely the target, but the final step has to be performed sailing by sight. In this case of opaque cyst wall, the fenestration is performed under endoscopic control basing on the neuronavigator information. There is no "shift effect" and the fenestration is precisely performed where it has been preoperatively planned.
Creator: Giuseppe Talamonti
Duration: 0:21
Journal: Neurosurgery
This video demonstrates that the endoscopic fenestrations may be as wide and extended as the microsurgical ones. As soon as the neurovascular structures are identified, the arachnoid dissection is conducted in the optico-carotid cistern with the progressive exposure of optic nerve, ICA, MCA, and ACA.