October 2012 - Volume 71 - Issue 4
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Safety and Efficacy of Onyx Embolization for Pediatric Cranial and Spinal Vascular Lesions and Tumors

Ashour, Ramsey; Aziz-Sultan, Mohammad Ali; Soltanolkotabi, Maryam; More

Neurosurgery . 71(4):773-784, October 2012.

  • CNS University of Neurosurgery

Safety and Efficacy of Endovascular Treatment of Basilar Tip Aneurysms by Coiling With and Without Stent Assistance: A Review of 235 Cases

Chalouhi, Nohra; Jabbour, Pascal; Gonzalez, L. Fernando; More

Neurosurgery . 71(4):785-794, October 2012.

  • CNS University of Neurosurgery

Unilateral Extradural Motor Cortex Stimulation Is Safe and Improves Parkinson Disease at 1 Year

Bentivoglio, Anna Rita; Fasano, Alfonso; Piano, Carla; More

Neurosurgery . 71(4):815-825, October 2012.

  • Press Release

Assessment of Symptomatic Rod Fracture After Posterior Instrumented Fusion for Adult Spinal Deformity

Smith, Justin S.; Shaffrey, Christopher I.; Ames, Christopher P.; More

Neurosurgery . 71(4):862-868, October 2012.

A Simple and Quantitative Method to Predict Symptomatic Vasospasm After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Based on Computed Tomography: Beyond the Fisher Scale

Wilson, David A.; Nakaji, Peter; Abla, Adib A.; More

Neurosurgery . 71(4):869-876, October 2012.

Editor's Choice

Retrospective Analysis of Imaging Techniques for Treatment Planning and Monitoring of Obliteration for Gamma Knife Treatment of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation

Amponsah, Kwame; Ellis, Thomas L.; Chan, Michael D.; More

Neurosurgery . 71(4):893-900, October 2012.

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