February-March 2013 - Volume 9 - Issue 1
pp: 6-40

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Blair Underwood

Actor and Activist Blair Underwood, raising awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Gora, Susannah

Neurology Now . 9(1):12-18, February-March 2013.

Award-winning actor Blair Underwood believes in using celebrity to create positive change in the world—and as an HIV/AIDS activist for nearly 25 years, he has been doing just that. Here, we focus on Underwood's work as an advocate, as well as the neurologic complications of HIV/AIDS.

Young Adult Stroke

Age Is Just a Number: Young adult stroke is one the rise. Here's what you should know.

Stephens, Stephani

Neurology Now . 9(1):19-26, February-March 2013.

The number of young adults who have strokes is on the rise. “The data are particularly relevant given the U.S. and global epidemics of obesity and diabetes,” says Aneesh B. Singhal, M.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital. In this article, read about Dana Hokin, who had a stroke at the age of 44, and learn what you can do to reduce your stroke risk—at any age.

Vascular Cognitive Impairment

The Brain Needs Blood: Vascular cognitive impairment, one of the most common forms of dementia, may be preventable.

Paturel, Amy

Neurology Now . 9(1):27-30, February-March 2013.

Often mistaken for Alzheimer's disease, vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) is one of the most common forms of cognitive impairment and dementia. The good news? VCI may be preventable. Learn how VCI is diagnosed and treated, what research is in the works, and how VCI might be prevented.