August/September 2011 - Volume 7 - Issue 4
pp: 3-40

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Chuck Close

Larger Than Life: Dyslexia, paralysis, face blindness—nothing comes between legendary artist Chuck Close and his canvas, except a brush.

Farley, Todd

Neurology Now . 7(4):14-16,18-19, August/September 2011.

World-renowned artist Chuck Close is as complex as his intricate paintings. Equipped with an arsenal of color and vast blank canvases, Close uses his neurologic conditions—dyslexia, face blindness, paralysis—as an impetus to paint with greater depth and richness. “Everything in my work is directly related to my learning disabilities,” he says.

Brain Tumor

The Science of Survival: No magic bullet exists to cure the brain tumors known as gliomas, but scientists continue to advance diagnosis and treatment.

Stephens, Stephanie

Neurology Now . 7(4):25-28,30, August/September 2011.

A diagnosis of malignant brain tumor can be terrifying—neither surgery, radiation, nor chemotherapy can completely eliminate this kind of tumor. But ongoing research continues to advance diagnosis and treatment for brain-tumor patients.