Created: 10/20/2010
Contains: 1 Episodes
Neurology Now talks with Dr. Lisa Shulman, editor-in-chief of Neurology Now Books™ about how the new book series will facilitate a “team approach” between neurologists and patients in managing neurologic disorders.
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Created: 4/26/2011
Contains: 4 Episodes
Neurologists who have chosen to travel unbeaten paths while combining their passions for global health and neurology share their stories.
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Created: 5/9/2011
Contains: 3 Episodes
Up and coming investigators in the field — the 2011 AAN and AAN Foundation Clinical Research Training Fellowship recipients — talk about their current research.
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Created: 11/3/2011
Contains: 34 Episodes
Neurology Now, an official publication of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), provides patients and caregivers with credible, up-to-the-minute, balanced coverage of the latest advances in neurology research. Neurology Now helps people make informed decisions about treatment for and management of a wide range of neurologic disorders. The Neurology Now Podcast is a valuable tool in accomplishing this mission.
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Created: 12/14/2011
Contains: 5 Episodes
Listen to neurologists speak about new studies, technologies, medicines, and other emerging topics in the field of neurology.