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Going Public With Multiple Sclerosis

In 2005, Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean thought her overwhelming fatigue and the numbness in her legs could be attributed to her hectic 24/7 reporting, covering one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. So she wasn’t prepared for the diagnosis a battery of medical tests later revealed—multiple sclerosis. More than eight years later, Dean, now the mother of two and the author of two children’s books on meteorology, has not let her condition slow her down—on or off the job. She has gone public with her diagnosis and now teaches the importance of reaching out to others for support in coping and living with the disease.

Staying Social, Staying Vital

Research shows that what’s good for the heart is good for the brain. But studies have also revealed that what feeds the soul—social interaction and engagement—fuels a healthy brain, too. Learn more about what some of the longest-running community-based studies suggest about the benefits of social networks—and how an active social life can help keep your brain vital and healthy.

Preventing Falls—Be Safe, Be Grounded

Falls are a serious problem for people with a wide range of neurological disorders. One study found that even people with disorders that do not impede movement—tinnitus and headache, for example—have problems with falling. Here, experts offer insight into the conditions that cause the most falls and offer strategies you can adopt at home and in the community to help prevent falls, including exercise, strength training, and the use of mobility devices.

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