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Head Games

With soccer and football season in full swing, we take a look at youth concussion. Numerous studies point to the dangers of repeated head trauma for the developing brain. How can parents protect their kids without sidelining them? We examine the latest guidelines for safe play and ask sports neurologists for safety tips.

Talking Your Way Out

Ninety percent of Americans say that talking to ill or elderly family members about their end-of-life wishes is important, but just 27 percent have actually done it, according to a survey from The Conversation Project, a non-profit organization devoted to facilitating these conversations. To ensure you’re honoring your relatives’ wishes, we ask the experts how to get the dialogue started.

Out of Isolation

When actress Madeleine Stowe’s father was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis in the 1960s, there wasn’t much doctors could do for his unpredictable illness. Stowe talks about the life lessons she learned from a childhood spent caring for a disabled parent—and how she wants to help other families avoid the debilitating isolation her family endured. 

Moving On

When your role as a caregiver ends, either because you’ve hired in-home help or because you’ve moved your relative to an assisted living facility, it can be emotionally difficult to transition out of that role. We reach out to former caregivers and other experts to help you adjust.

Rethink Chronic Pain

About 100 million Americans experience chronic pain, and 5 to 8 million of them treat it with opioid painkillers. As the number of prescriptions rises, so does the death toll. These sobering statistics have prompted some experts to consider a new approach: helping people change their attitudes and expectations about pain relief. Find out how to change your mindset and relieve your pain—without relying on drugs.


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