The ABCs of Aphasia: Understanding aphasia is crucial to recovery—for patients and caregivers.

Carr, Coeli

Neurology Now . 7(3):35-38, June/July 2011.

Losing the power of speech can lead to intense feelings of frustration, isolation, and depression. But with speech, group, and music therapy—as well as determination on the part of patients and caregivers—there is reason for optimism. Here, individuals affected by aphasia share their stories of struggle and triumph.

Terra Incognita


Neurology Now . 5(6):19,23-25, November/December 2009.

Of the estimated 5.3 million Americans living with the Alzheimer's, six out of 10 will wander from their homes or care-giving facilities, says the Alzheimer's Association. Thankfully, researchers are starting to investigate the often terrifying problem of wandering. Here's what they know about this uncharted territory.