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No Man’s Land 

A diagnosis of clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) leaves some patients in limbo, wondering if it will progress to multiple sclerosis or not. The term refers to neurologic symptoms that last at least 24 hours and are caused by inflammation and demyelination in one or more areas in the central nervous system. Patients share what it’s like to live with this in-between diagnosis and experts explain the latest research on how they assess CIS, what they are learning from brain imaging, and the best therapies to address this condition.

A Leader Takes on Brain Disease

We talk to Vice President Walter Mondale about how the death of his wife from Lewy body dementia and his daughter from a brain tumor have spurred his support for aggressive brain research. As the recently named honorary chairman of the American Brain Foundation, he hopes to raise awareness and funds for better treatments and possible cures for brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Have You Prepared for Your Dependent Child’s Future?

What will happen to your adult dependent child when you are gone? We reach out to the experts on how to plan for your child’s future financially, emotionally, and practically. You’ll learn about everything from estate planning to group homes and other social services to help ensure your child is safe and cared for after your death.

Protect Your Brain from Stress

Research and MRIs show that stress does real damage to the brain and can make neurologic conditions worse. Given the evidence, scientists are looking at the healing possibilities of stress-reducing techniques like meditation, mindfulness training, exercise, and even positive thinking. We review the research and provide tips on how to reduce the stress in your own life.

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