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Where to go for more information on the topics discussed in this issue of Neurology Now and for the American Academy of Neurology's “Find-a-Neurologist” tool.

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Where to go for more information on the topics covered in this issue of Neurology Now and the American Academy of Neurology's “Find-ANeurologist” tool.

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Assistance Directory

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For a full listing of patient organizations, go to

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American Academy of Neurology Web site 1-800-879-1960

American Brain Foundation 1-866-770-7570

CaringBridge® (Free, personalized Web sites to support your health journey) 651-452-7940

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Well Spouse Association 1-800-838-0879

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Stroke Rehabilitation: Who Helps

* Speech therapists test and treat language and swallowing functions.

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* Physical therapists test the strength and agility of the arms and legs, assess the way the stroke patient walks, and help the patient work on any deficits.

* Occupational therapists determine if the patient can perform various common tasks of ordinary daily living and working, assess upper extremity strength, and help the patient recover as much function as possible.

* Neuropsychologists test thinking functions such as attention, memory, language, visual-spatial abilities, and executive function (planning, reasoning, problem-solving). They also develop a plan to help patients compensate and adapt while their skills improve.

* Social workers explore the patient's family, community, and financial situations so that care can be continued after discharge from the hospital or rehab.

* Physicians review past and present medical illnesses and oversee stroke treatment.

See more in Navigating the Complexities of Stroke, by Louis R. Caplan, MD, FAAN.

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Find a Neurologist

* You can find an American Academy of Neurology member neurologist in your area with the “Find a Neurologist” online tool. Go to and fill in your city and state. If you are looking for contact information for a specific neurologist, you can enter the last name along with the location.

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