Letter: Josh Blue

Wilton, Lauren M.

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000424222.46045.ad

Milford, MA

I sustained a “mild” traumatic brain injury in 2005. Someone recommended that I try Dragon NaturallySpeaking software as an assistive technology, but I was unable to purchase it at the time. I had since forgotten all about it—until today, when I read in Neurology Now that the comedian Josh Blue uses an iPhone application called Dragon Dictation (“Serious Laughs,” October/November 2012, http://bitly.com/QlvIS4). I was thrilled to learn that this application is free! In fact, I am writing this letter while using it.

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With appreciation for all the helpful information Neurology Now has provided me.

Lauren M. Wilton

Milford, MA

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