Speak Up for Stroke

Bruno, Mary T. R.N.

Neurology Now:

    After reading the article about the Speak up for Stroke Campaign in April/May 2012, I wanted to share with you my experience of having a stroke. I am a registered nurse who has been practicing since 1982. Although I am well aware of the warning signs of stroke, I chose to ignore them in my own case. When I noticed that I was having trouble talking and my speech was garbled, I told myself I was having a panic attack and that I couldn't be having a stroke because I have never had the typical risk factors—for example, I have always had low cholesterol and low blood pressure. Instead of going to the hospital, I took a nap, thinking it would settle my anxiety. When I woke up my speech was worse, so I went to the emergency room where I was told I had a stroke.

    My message is the same as in your article: Call 9-1-1 if you experience any of the signs of stroke. Every minute counts.

    —Mary T. Bruno, R.N.

    Hernando, FL

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