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The Waiting Room: Neurobics: One Good Turn Deserves Another

Kim, Scott

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000414211.59954.36

Answers on p. 16

This puzzle tests your ability to rotate shapes in your imagination. Suppose the three-dimensional block letter shown to the left is sitting on a table in front of you. You are allowed to turn it three different ways:

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L means to tip the block 90 degrees to the left.

B means to tip the block 90 degrees back away from you.

T means to twist the block 90 degrees counter-clockwise, as seen looking down at the table.

For instance, if we do the operations LBT in that order, the block turns like this:

Here are six more turning sequences and six more blocks. For each sequence, write the number of the block that shows how the block will appear if the turn sequence is applied to the original block. For instance, the turn sequence LL produces block 3.

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Scott Kim

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