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Letters: Animal Research

Siegel, Eric

doi: 10.1097/01.NNN.0000370175.46379.99

St. Petersburg, FL

After reading “Of Mice and Humans” (January/February 2010), I found myself both relieved and disappointed. I am a man with two neurological disorders (essential tremor and epilepsy), but I have strong reservations about animal experimentation as a means of finding treatments and cures for neurological issues.

I was relieved that you chose not to paint those who oppose experimentation upon animals as hysterics. I find that other articles and organizations tend to do this. By stereotyping, we demean those with valid questions and concerns on either side of an argument.

However, I was disappointed that you opted not to contact an organization such as Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (P.C.R.M) for another perspective. This organization has physicians and researchers who promote an alternative viewpoint to the premise of your article and the researchers you interviewed. They believe it is time to move away from animal research. P.C.R.M. has a panel specifically for this type of dialogue. I believe that this is an important issue that needs more discussion.

Eric Siegel

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St. Petersburg, FL

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