Manage Neuropathic Pain

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    With summer fast approaching there's no better time to get out and get moving. Exercise—even a little daily walk—can reduce neuropathic pain, according to Laurence Kinsella, M.D., professor of neurology, on behalf of the Neuropathy Association. For a pain-free summer also try the following:

    ✓ Stop smoking. Nicotine has been found to increase pain perception.

    ✓ Limit alcohol consumption. Limit yourself to four drinks a week. While alcohol may temporarily relieve pain, abuse can worsen pain symptoms.

    ✓ Get your feet examined. Have your doctor check your feet at every visit, especially if you have breaks in the skin or an ingrown nail.

    ✓ control blood sugar. Prolonged exposure to high glucose can cause neuropathy.

    ✓ Avoid excess B6. This vitamin is known to cause neuropathy when used in excess of 100 mg daily.

    ✓ For more information, visit the Neuropathy Association's Web site at

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