January/March 2017 - Volume 41 - Issue 1

  • Kathleen Sanford, DBA, MBA, MA, RN, FACHE, FAAN
  • 0363-9568
  • 1550-5103
  • 4 issues / year

Currently, there is quite a bit of talk about "value" in healthcare. I've seen a number of variations on a formula for this, but my favorite is: Value equals patient health care outcomes divided by the cost of delivering those outcomes. Using this definition, advanced practice care provides a winning formula. Research continues to show both favorable quality and cost results when these team members are employed to work at the top of their licenses. 

In the current edition of NAQ, Guest editors Michelle Edwards and Tim Porter-O'Grady have compiled an outstanding collection of articles that describe how different systems are enhancing care through better deployment of their advanced practitioners. Supported by strong nurse leaders, advanced practice nurses are improving access and furthering quality across the country.  I hope you will use this edition as a reference source as you, too, design your healthcare continuum models that truly recognize,  elevate, and promote these "valuable" colleagues.

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