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The newest edition of NAQ is all about the Power of Alignment.  It’s a timely issue for all of us as we all work to operationalize plans for the new era.  Systems are implementing clinically integrated networks, which will not succeed unless the entities involved have aligned goals and interests.  Others are on the path to becoming accountable care organizations, which requires coordination of aligned continuum services.

Nurse executives are involved in conversations about how hospitals can attain “physician alignment” with an engaged medical staff.  Nursing groups and specialties talk about aligning their shared interests.  All of these conversations, and more, indicate an understanding or belief that many of us have not acted as if we are aligned around a common mission or goals.

Guest editors Patricia Yoder-Wise, Maria Shirey and Ray Perryman have put together an excellent collection of articles on alignment.  Reading them is a timely reminder about what we all need to align around: the health and care of individuals, communities and populations.Thanks for Choosing to Lead,


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Enjoy complimentary access to this month's CGEAN Recommended Reading article:

Seven Behaviors to Advance Teamwork: Findings From a Study of Innovation Leadership in a Simulation Center  

Traditional notions of individual-based leadership behaviors are no longer adequate to achieve innovation in health care organizations. A major contributing factor for limited innovation is that outdated leadership practices, such as leader centricity, linear thinking, and poor readiness for innovation, are being used in health care organizations. Read More...

Thoughts on Resilience from Resilient Nurse Leaders

"To me, resilience is the capacity to absorb significant stressors and bounce back healthier and stronger: to take failures and turn them into learning experiences; to take personal losses into stride and build character even in the face of suffering.  No career, or life, is a straight line. Being able to ride the waves of life and thrive requires resilience." -Suellyn Ellerbe, MN, RN, NEA-BC, Healthcare Consultant and Educator, President & CEO, Suellyn Ellerbe & Associates, Inc.

"To me, resilience is about connecting with the joy and meaning in the work of professional nursing we are called to lead and to see the situations we face in health care as filled with endless possibilities rather than problems." -Andrea Mazzoccoli, RN, PhD, FAAN, CNO, Bon Secours Health System, Center for Clinical Excellence and Innovation 

"To me resilience is: With grace, flexibility, unwavering perserverance, and a bit of humor, finding solutions to issues we face within our healthcare system and empowering others to do the same." -Mary Kane, MS, RN, Regional Chief Nurse Informatics Officer, Catholic Health Initiatives

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