Special Issue on Surgical Menopause

Created:   3/10/2010
Contains:  7 items
Guest Editor: Robert A. Wild, MD, PhD, MPH Last Updated: 3/10/10

Surgical menopause: effects on psychological well-being and sexuality

Shifren, Jan L.; Avis, Nancy E.

Menopause. 14(3):586-591, May/June 2007.

Elective oophorectomy for benign gynecological disorders

Shoupe, Donna; Parker, William H.; Broder, Michael S.; More

Menopause. 14(3):580-585, May/June 2007.

Surgical versus natural menopause: cognitive issues

Henderson, Victor W.; Sherwin, Barbara B.

Menopause. 14(3):572-579, May/June 2007.

Effect of early menopause on bone mineral density and fractures

Gallagher, J. Christopher

Menopause. 14(3):567-571, May/June 2007.