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A combination of high dose rate (10X FFF/2400 MU/min/10 MV X-rays) and total low dose (0.5 Gy) induces a higher rate of apoptosis in melanoma cells in vitro and superior...

Sarojini, Sreeja; Pecora, Andrew; Milinovikj, Natasha; More

Melanoma Research . 25(5):376-389, October 2015.

Treatment patterns of adjuvant interferon-α2b for high-risk melanoma: a retrospective study of the Grupo Español Multidisciplinar de Melanoma – Prima study

Espinosa, Enrique; Soriano, Virtudes; Malvehy, Josep; More

Melanoma Research . 26(3):278-283, June 2016.

Anti-programmed cell death protein 1 tolerance and efficacy after ipilimumab immunotherapy: observational study of 39 patients

Amode, Reyhan; Baroudjian, Barouyr; Kowal, Anita; More

Melanoma Research . 27(2):110-115, April 2017.

The rs2910164 G>C polymorphism in microRNA-146a is associated with the incidence of malignant melanoma

Yamashita, Junji; Iwakiri, Takuma; Fukushima, Satoshi; More

Melanoma Research . 23(1):13-20, February 2013.

Cross-cultural development of a quality-of-life measure for patients with melanoma: phase 3 testing of an EORTC Melanoma Module

Winstanley, Julie B.; Young, Teresa E.; Boyle, Frances M.; More

Melanoma Research . 25(1):47-58, February 2015.

Ipilimumab in the real world: the UK expanded access programme experience in previously treated advanced melanoma patients

Ahmad, Saif S.; Qian, Wendi; Ellis, Sarah; More

Melanoma Research . 25(5):432-442, October 2015.

Ipilimumab for advanced melanoma: experience from the Spanish Expanded Access Program

Berrocal, Alfonso; Arance, Ana; Lopez Martin, Jose Antonio; More

Melanoma Research . 24(6):577-583, December 2014.

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Melanoma density and relationship with the distribution of melanocytic naevi in an Italian population: a GIPMe study — the Italian multidisciplinary group on melanoma

Chiarugi, Alessandra; Quaglino, Pietro; Crocetti, Emanuele; More

Melanoma Research . 25(1):80-87, February 2015.

Genetic counselling and high-penetrance susceptibility gene analysis reveal the novel CDKN2A p.D84V (c.251A>T) mutation in melanoma-prone families from Italy

Borroni, Riccardo G.; Manganoni, Ausilia M.; Grassi, Sara; More

Melanoma Research . 27(2):97-103, April 2017.

Trends in hepatocyte growth factor, insulin-like growth factor 1, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and leptin expression levels in uveal melanoma patient serum and tumor tissues:...

Oba, Junna; Esmaeli, Bita; Ellerhorst, Julie A.; More

Melanoma Research . 27(2):126-133, April 2017.

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