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Risk profile, management, and outcomes of patients with venous thromboembolism attended in Spanish Emergency Departments: The ESPHERIA registry

Jimenez, Sonia; Ruiz-Artacho, Pedro; Merlo, Marta; More

Medicine. 96(48):e8796, December 2017.

Could late measurement of serum creatinine be missed for patients without early increase in serum creatinine following coronary angiography?

Liu, Yong; Duan, Chong-yang; Wang, Kun; More

Medicine. 96(50):e8460, December 2017.

Utility and quality-adjusted life-years in coronary artery disease: Five-year follow-up of the MASS II trial

Brandão, Sara Michelly Gonçalves; Hueb, Whady; Ju, Yang Ting; More

Medicine. 96(50):e9113, December 2017.

Recent changes in blood pressure levels, hypertension prevalence and treatment rates, and the rate of reaching target blood pressure in the elderly

Takase, Hiroyuki; Tanaka, Takamitsu; Takayama, Shin; More

Medicine. 96(50):e9116, December 2017.

Evaluation of tolerance to ambulatory blood pressure monitoring: Analysis of dipping profile in a large cohort of hypertensive patients

Iannucci, Gino; Petramala, Luigi; La Torre, Giuseppe; More

Medicine. 96(50):e9162, December 2017.

The combination assessment of lipid pool and thrombus by optical coherence tomography can predict the filter no-reflow in primary PCI for ST elevated myocardial infarction

Negishi, Yosuke; Ishii, Hideki; Suzuki, Susumu; More

Medicine. 96(50):e9297, December 2017.

Elevated plasma levels of interleukin-16 in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Schernthaner, Christiana; Paar, Vera; Wernly, Bernhard; More

Medicine. 96(44):e8396, November 2017.

Association between renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system blockade and future osteoporotic fracture risk in hypertensive population: A population-based cohort study in Taiwan

Chen, Chang-I.; Yeh, Jong-Shiuan; Tsao, Nai-Wen; More

Medicine. 96(46):e8331, November 2017.

Immediate versus deferred stenting for patients undergoing primary or emergent percutaneous coronary intervention: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

Liu, Yong; Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful; Chow, Clara K.; More

Medicine. 96(47):e8477, November 2017.

Effects of treatment with chemotherapy and/or tamoxifen on the biomarkers of cardiac injury and oxidative stress in women with breast cancer

Silva, Fabricio Bragança; Romero, Walckiria Garcia; Carvalho, Ana Ligia Rodrigues de Abreu; More

Medicine. 96(47):e8723, November 2017.

Relationship between ADD1 Gly460Trp gene polymorphism and essential hypertension in Madeira Island

Sousa, Ana Célia; Palma dos Reis, Roberto; Pereira, Andreia; More

Medicine. 96(42):e7861, October 2017.

Mortality prediction using CHADS2/CHA2DS2-VASc/R2CHADS2 scores in systolic heart failure patients with or without atrial fibrillation

Chen, Yung-Lung; Cheng, Ching-Lan; Huang, Jin-Long; More

Medicine. 96(43):e8338, October 2017.

Decreased haptoglobin levels inversely correlated with pulmonary artery pressure in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension: A cross-sectional study

Nakamura, Hiroyuki; Kato, Masaru; Nakaya, Toshitaka; More

Medicine. 96(43):e8349, October 2017.

Evaluation of the impact of statin therapy on the obesity paradox in patients with acute myocardial infarction: A propensity score matching analysis from the Korea Acute...

Won, Ki-Bum; Hur, Seung-Ho; Nam, Chang-Wook; More

Medicine. 96(35):e7180, September 2017.

Clinical features of idiopathic restrictive cardiomyopathy: A retrospective multicenter cohort study over 2 decades

Hong, Jung Ae; Kim, Min-Seok; Cho, Min-Su; More

Medicine. 96(36):e7886, September 2017.

SYNTAX score based on coronary computed tomography angiography may have a prognostic value in patients with complex coronary artery disease: An observational study from a...

Suh, Young Joo; Han, Kyunghwa; Chang, Suyon; More

Medicine. 96(37):e7999, September 2017.

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