February 2017 - Volume 96 - Issue 7

  • 0025-7974
  • 1536-5964
  • Weekly
  • 2.133
Cancer Stem Cells: Master Gatekeepers and Regulators of Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Published September 2016

Observational Study

Strategic use of dual regimens of boosted protease inhibitors plus maraviroc in poorly adherent subjects in view of long-acting drugs: A retrospective study

Capetti, Amedeo Ferdinando; Micale, Mariangela; Carenzi, Laura; More

Medicine . 96(7):e5728, February 2017.

Higher subcortical and white matter cerebral blood flow in perinatally HIV-infected children

Blokhuis, Charlotte; Mutsaerts, Henri J.M.M.; Cohen, Sophie; More

Medicine . 96(7):e5891, February 2017.

Superiority of Interferon-Free Regimens for Chronic Hepatitis C: The Effect on Health-Related Quality of Life and Work Productivity

Younossi, Zobair M.; Stepanova, Maria; Esteban, Rafael; More

Medicine . 96(7):e5914, February 2017.

Incidence and risk factors of acute kidney injury associated with continuous intravenous high-dose vancomycin in critically ill patients: A retrospective cohort study

Lacave, Guillaume; Caille, Vincent; Bruneel, Fabrice; More

Medicine . 96(7):e6023, February 2017.

Comparison of baseline characteristics and clinical course in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes among whom different types of oral hypoglycemic agents were chosen by diabetes...

Fujihara, Kazuya; Igarashi, Risa; Matsunaga, Satoshi; More

Medicine . 96(7):e6122, February 2017.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Clinical Case Report

Unusual presentation of direct intraperitoneal metastases complicated with massive ascites from plasmacytoid variant of bladder cancer and adenocarcinoma of colon: A case report...

Shao, Yu-Hua; Kao, Chien-Chang; Tang, Shou-Hung; More

Medicine . 96(7):e5816, February 2017.

Endovascular repair of bilateral common iliac artery aneurysms using GORE Excluder iliac branch endoprosthesis without aortobi-iliac stent graft conjunction: A case report

Ardita, Vincenzo; Giaquinta, Alessia; Veroux, Massimiliano; More

Medicine . 96(7):e5977, February 2017.

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Relationship between drug resistance and the clustered, regularly interspaced, short, palindromic repeat-associated protein genes cas1 and cas2 in Shigella from giant panda dung

Ren, Lu; Deng, Lin-Hua; Zhang, Ri-Peng; More

Medicine . 96(7):e5922, February 2017.

Economic Evaluation Study

Study Protocol Systematic Review