July 2017 - Volume 96 - Issue 29

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  • 1536-5964
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Cancer Stem Cells: Master Gatekeepers and Regulators of Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Published September 2016

Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies in Epidemiology

Observational Study

Clinical characteristics and mutation spectrum of GLA in Korean patients with Fabry disease by a nationwide survey: Underdiagnosis of late-onset phenotype

Choi, Jin-Ho; Lee, Beom Hee; Heo, Sun Hee; More

Medicine . 96(29):e7387, July 2017.

Relationship of medial gastrocnemius relative fascicle excursion and ankle joint power and work performance during gait in typically developing children: A cross-sectional study

Martín Lorenzo, Teresa; Albi Rodríguez, Gustavo; Rocon, Eduardo; More

Medicine . 96(29):e7572, July 2017.

Thrombosis and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome during acute Q fever: A cross-sectional study

Million, Matthieu; Bardin, Nathalie; Bessis, Simon; More

Medicine . 96(29):e7578, July 2017.

Multidisciplinary approach and long-term follow-up in a series of 640 consecutive patients with sarcoidosis: Cohort study of a 40-year clinical experience at a tertiary referral...

Mañá, Juan; Rubio-Rivas, Manuel; Villalba, Nadia; More

Medicine . 96(29):e7595, July 2017.

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Clinical Case Report

Liver transplantation using the otherwise-discarded partial liver resection graft with hepatic benign tumor: Analysis of a preliminary experience on 15 consecutive cases

Li, Guoqiang; Mu, Xiaoxin; Huang, Xinli; More

Medicine . 96(29):e7295, July 2017.

Tocilizumab for uncontrollable systemic inflammatory response syndrome complicating adult-onset Still disease: Case report and review of literature

Masui-Ito, Asami; Okamoto, Ryuji; Ikejiri, Kaoru; More

Medicine . 96(29):e7596, July 2017.

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Economic Evaluation Study

Quality Improvement Study

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