March 2017 - Volume 96 - Issue 12

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  • 1536-5964
  • Weekly
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Cancer Stem Cells: Master Gatekeepers and Regulators of Cancer Growth and Metastasis
Published September 2016

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Observational Study

Oral microbiome in HIV-associated periodontitis

Noguera-Julian, Marc; Guillén, Yolanda; Peterson, Jessica; More

Medicine . 96(12):e5821, March 2017.

Impact of the quality of life related to foot health in a sample of pregnant women: A case control study

López-López, Daniel; Rodríguez-Vila, Inés; Losa-Iglesias, Marta Elena; More

Medicine . 96(12):e6433, March 2017.

Head-to-head comparison of 11C-PiB and 18F-FC119S for Aβ imaging in healthy subjects, mild cognitive impairment patients, and Alzheimer's disease patients

Byun, Byung Hyun; Kim, Byung Il; Park, Su Yeon; More

Medicine . 96(12):e6441, March 2017.

Diagnostic Accuracy Study

Clinical Case Report

Clinical Trial/Experimental Study

Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies in Epidemiology

Quality Improvement Study

Study Protocol Systematic Review

Association between physical activity, sedentary behavior, and fitness with health related quality of life in healthy children and adolescents: A protocol for a systematic review...

Bermejo-Cantarero, Alberto; Álvarez-Bueno, Celia; Martinez-Vizcaino, Vicente; More

Medicine . 96(12):e6407, March 2017.

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