July/August 2008 - Volume 33 - Issue 4
pp: 201-264

Considerations for Emergencies & Disasters IN THE NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT

Schultz, Ronni; Pouletsos, Cheryl; Combs, Adriann

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 33(4):204-210, July/August 2008.

What are the national recommendations for how to deal with a disaster or other severe emergency in the NICU? These authors have examined the literature to explain it for you.

Implications of Chemical Biological Terrorist Events for Children and Pregnant Women

Teran-MacIver, Maria; Larson, Kristina

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 33(4):224-232, July/August 2008.

We live in a world where all of us in healthcare need to know what to do for our patients and ourselves if a nerve gas or other chemical is released into the population. Do you know what to do?

Addressing Concerns of Pregnant and Lactating Women After the 2005 Hurricanes: The OTIS Response

Quinn, Dorothy; Lavigne, Sharon Voyer; Chambers, Christina; More

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 33(4):235-241, July/August 2008.

Read this article to learn how a telephone counseling program can help families with questions about pregnancy and lactation during an emergency.

Perinatal Nursing in Uncertain Times: The Katrina Effect

Giarratano, Gloria; Orlando, Susan; Savage, Jane

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 33(4):249-257, July/August 2008.

You've read about the theory of disaster preparation, and the real world events, and now this stunning study of what MCH nurses actually experienced working through the hurricane is research no nurse should miss.

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