March/April 2014 - Volume 39 - Issue 2
pp: 76-139

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Perinatal Patient Safety

Factors Affecting Israeli Women's Decision Whether to Donate Cord Blood

Natan, Merav Ben; Grinberg, Keren; Galula, Sharon; More

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 39(2):96-101, March/April 2014.

The donation of cord blood is a controversial topic not only in the US, but also in other countries. These nurses asked what women know about this process, and what they wanted to know.

Developing a Perinatal Memory-Making Program at a Children's Hospital

Miller, Lynne H.; Lindley, Lisa C.; Mixer, Sandra J.; More

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 39(2):102-106, March/April 2014.

Aside from the bereavement care generally offered by nurses for families experiencing a perinatal loss, what else can be done? These nurses decided on a permanent remembrance.

Perceptions of Care in Women Sent Home in Latent Labor

Hosek, Claire; Faucher, Mary Ann; Lankford, Janice; More

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 39(2):115-121, March/April 2014.

Lots of women come to the triage unit hoping they will have their babies soon, only to be sent home to wait some more. What are these women thinking? What do they want, and what do they need?

CE Connection

Perceptions of Nurses Caring for Pregnant Women in Vegetative States

Fedorka, Patricia D.; Heasley, Susan Wallace; Patton, Carol M.

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 39(2):80-85, March/April 2014.

While L&D nurses are real experts in their field of nursing care, what happens when they suddenly need to care for women who have neurological injuries requiring intensive care?

Celiac Disease and Preterm and/or Low Birthweight Births

Moore, Mary Lou; Gainer, Cheryl L.

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 39(2):88-93, March/April 2014.

It seems that every day we hear more about the problems that people have with celiac disease. How should pregnant women with celiac disease be treated? Are they at risk for complications such as PTB?

Congenital Cytomegalovirus: Implications for Maternal-Child Nursing

Alex, Marion Rita

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 39(2):122-129, March/April 2014.

Many nurses do not know the long lasting implications from a diagnosis of congenital cytomegalovirus, but the serious effects can be devastating. This midwife gives you the best evidence about congenital cytomegalovirus.