March/April 2009 - Volume 34 - Issue 2
pp: 77-136




Infant Nutrition

The New Networking

Global Health and Nursing

Toward Evidence-Based Practice

Perinatal Patient Safety

An Adult Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse and Her Breastfeeding Experience: A Case Study

Beck, Cheryl Tatano

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 34(2):91-97, March/April 2009.

For the woman with a history of sexual abuse as a child, childbirth and everything surrounding it can be severely traumatic. Read this incredible case study about how breastfeeding induced flashbacks and PTSD, and learn what you might do to help such a patient.

Hypoxia in the Term Newborn: Part One—Cardiopulmonary Physiology and Assessment

Rohan, Annie J.; Golombek, Sergio G.

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 34(2):106-112, March/April 2009.

MCN is proud to publish this 3-part series on hypoxia in the term newborn. In this first part, the authors tell you what you need to know about cardiopulmonary physiology in order to provide expert care for newborns.

Hispanic Labor Friends Initiative: Supporting Vulnerable Women

Hazard, Cambria Jones; Callister, Lynn Clark; Birkhead, Ana; More

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 34(2):115-121, March/April 2009.

As the percentage of immigrants continues to increase across the United States, nurses are challenged to provide appropriate care to women who come from different cultures than the nurses and who often speak different languages. Dr. Callister and her coauthors describe a program that aimed to help women and nurses in this situation.

Reframing the Risks and Losses of Teen Mothering

SmithBattle, Lee

MCN, American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing . 34(2):122-128, March/April 2009.

The nursing process continues to encourage us to examine deficits. But what if we looked at the strengths of teen mothers when we encounter them in healthcare situations and plan their care? Dr. SmithBattle encourages us to view the literature in a new light.

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