January/February 2017 - Volume 44 - Issue 1

  • Mikel L. Gray, PhD, FNP, PNP, CUNP, CCCN, FAANP, FAAN
  • 1071-5754
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Pressure Injury Prevalence and Demographic Trends

WOC nurses are often charged with facility-wide pressure injury prevention programs as well as the ongoing monitoring and data collection of this patient safety measure. In this issue, Catherine VanGilder and colleagues present 10 years of U.S. pressure ulcer prevalence and demographic data by care setting in their manuscript titled The International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Survey: 2006-2015. This study includes data from 918,621 patients whose facilities voluntarily participated in the annual International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Survey facilitated by Hill-Rom, Inc. The prevalence data showed decline over the 10 years in all practice settings, while Braden risk scores remained constant and the weight of patients increased over that same time frame. This data will be interesting to clinicians who have worked hard to implement pressure injury prevention programs in their facilities.

Professional Practice

This issue's platform article by Stephanie Yates and colleagues report of consensus-based interventions for medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI) is avaialable at this link. This qualifies as a must read article because of its focus on this unique area of the specialty practice and because it provides the most detailed description of adhesive technology ever published in professional health care literature.​


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