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Avoidable Versus Unavoidable Pressure Ulcers: The State of the Science

Welcome to JWOCNOnline.com.  By visiting JWOCNonline, you are ready to access the Journal's exclusive Published Ahead of Print (PAP) early edition feature.  PAP allows the Journal to bring you the latest information before it appears in the print edition.  These sneak peaks constitute the same must read information you have come to expect in the printed edition of the Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing, available only to the sophisticated user of jwocnonline.

PAP features a must read article by authors Janice Beitz and Janice Caldwell titled Stomal and Peristomal Complications: Prioritizing Management Approaches in Adults.  This article gives the results of a cross-sectional quantitative study revealing some clearly preferred approaches to a variety of ostomy complications.  This study provides the world's first research support for prioritized approaches and evidence-based practice in ostomy care.

This print edition is a must read for all clinicians faced with leading quality improvement efforts in pressure ulcer prevention, identification and documentation of present on admission.  The issue of the unavoidable pressure ulcer remains a dilemma in all practice settings, but especially in acute care where patients are often critically ill.  Unavoidable Pressure Injury: State of the Science and Consensus Outcomes summarizes the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel's recent consensus conference and provides a thorough review of current literature concerning pressure ulcer risk factors and their influence on pressure ulcer prevention.

The Challenges in Practice feature, authored by Rebecca Mackintosh, Annette Gwilliam and Mary Williams addresses a creative approach in teaching pressure ulcer staging to staff by comparing skin color change to fruits and vegetables.  Read the article Teaching the Fruits of Pressure Ulcer Staging at this link


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Image of the Month



The Image of the Month is taken from the Challenges in Practice feature.  Authors Rebecca Mackintosh, Annette Gwilliam and Mary Williams report their method of teaching pressure ulcer staging tp fellow staff by comparing the appearance to fruits and vegetables in their article Teaching the Fruits of Pressure Ulcer Staging.  This Stage IV pressure ulcer is like a peach with a full bite taken out of it, with the peach pit exposed, representing full thickness skin loss with bone exposure.

JWOCN Manuscript Awards

The winners of the Journal's covetted manuscript awards for 2013 were announced at the recent WOCN National Conference in Nashville, TN. 

The Clinical Award winners were authors Virginia Sun, Marcia Grant, Carmit McMullen, Andrea Altschueler, Jane Mohler, Mark Hornbrook, Lisa Herrinton, Carol Baldwin and Robert Krouse for their article titled Surviving Colorectal Cancer: Long-term, Persistent Ostomy-Specific Concerns and Adaptations.

The Research Award winners were authors Elizabeth Jesada, Joan Warren, Dorothy Goodman, Ruth Lliuta, Gail Thurkauf, Maureen McLaughlin, Joyce Johnson and Larry Strassner for their article titled Staging and Defining Characteristics of Pressure Ulcers Using Photographs by Staff Nurses in Acute Care Settings.

To revisit these outstanding manuscripts as well as other past winners, please visit Topical Collections.