AAST Grand Rounds

The National Trauma Grand Rounds is a web-based educational series. AAST offers these webinars for educational purposes.

38. Management of the severely burned
       AAST Grand Round, July 23, 2015
       Presented by:
David Zonies, MD, MPH, Oregon Health and Science University;
      Kevin Chung, MD, US Army Institute of Surgical Research
       Moderated by: Joseph Galante, MD, UC Davis Medical Center

37. Assessment of geriatric patients after falls
       AAST Grand Round, July 15, 2015
       Presented by:
Saman Arbabi, MD, MPH, Harborview Medical Center; Zara Cooper, MD, Brigham
      and Woman's Hospital; and Ellen Corman, OT, MRA, Stanford Health Care Trauma Center
       Moderated by: Carnell Cooper, MD, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

36. Biostatistics essentials for clinical research
       AAST Grand Round, June 17, 2015
       Presented by:
Angela Sauaia, MD, PhD, University of Colorado Denver
       Moderated by: Lena Napolitano, MD, University of Michigan Medical Center

35. Acute care surgery: Where are we now?
       AAST Grand Round, May 20, 2015
       Presented by:
L.D. Britt, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School
       Moderated by: Nicole Stassen, MD, University of Rochester

34. Traumatic Hemorrhage Control: Endovascular vs. Open, Hybrid Rooms, Credentialing
       AAST Grand Round, April 15, 2015
       Presented by:
Thomas M. Scalea, MD, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center
       Moderated by: Robert Mackersie, MD, San Francisco General Hospital

33. Strategic Pause and Survey of Federally Funded Trauma Research in the United States
       AAST Grand Round, March 26, 2015
       Presented by:
Todd Rasmussen, MD, US Combat Casualty Care Research Program
       Moderated by: Raymond Fang, MD, U.S. Air Force/R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center

32. Geriatric Trauma Advances and New TQIP Guidelines
       AAST Grand Round, March 18, 2015
       Presented by:
Robert D. Barraco, MD, Lehigh Valley Hospital & Health Network
       Moderated by: Timothy Fabian, MD, University of Tennessee

31. Evolving Epidemiology of MOF into PICS
       AAST Grand Round, February 18, 2015
       Presented by:
Frederick A. Moore, MD, University of Florida, Gainesville
       Moderated by: Mark Newell, MD, Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

30. Emergency General Surgery: Global Challenges and Opportunities
       AAST Grand Round, February 4, 2015
       Presented by:
Lena Napolitano, MD, University of Michigan

29. Further Messages about Combat Surgeons
       AAST Grand Round, January 21, 2015
       Presented by:
C. William Schwab, MD, University of Pennsylvania
       Moderated by: Nicole Stassen, MD, University of Rochester

28. Billing and Coding
       AAST Grand Round, December 2014
       Presented by:
R. Lawrence Reed, MD, Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital
       Moderated by: Lena Napolitano, MD, University of Michigan Medical Center

27. TQIP Guidelines for Geriatric Trauma Care
       AAST Grand Round, November 2014
       Presented by:
Steven Shackford, MD, Scripps Mercy Medical Center
       Moderated by: L.D. Britt, MD, Eastern Virginia Medical School

26. The ABCs of Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation
       AAST Grand Round, October 2014
       Presented by:
Jonathan Groner, MD, Nationwide Children's Hospital
       Moderated by: Barbara Gaines, MD, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

25. ARDS Update: Focus on ECMO and ECCO2R
       AAST Grand Round, August 2014
       Presented by:
Lena Napolitano, MD
       Moderated by: Nicole Stassen, MD

24. Critical Care Cardiac Ultrasound: Which abbreviated exam & How to Train?
       AAST Grand Round, July 2014
       Presented by:
Heidi Frankel, MD
       Moderated by: Mark Newell, MD

23. TXA, PCC and Fibrinogen
       AAST Grand Round, June 2014
       Presented by:
Bryan Cotton, MD
       Moderated by: Joseph Galante, MD

22. Controversies in Post-Injury Hemostasis
       AAST Grand Round, May 2014
       Presented by: Ernest E. Moore, MD
       Moderated by: Peter Rhee, MD

21. Catheter-based control of shock and reappraisal of resuscitative endovascular balloon
       occlusion of the aorta (REBOA)

       AAST Grand Round, April 2014
       Presented by: Todd Rasmussen, MD
       Moderated by: Thomas Scalea

20. TXA: Bedside to Battlefield (And Back Again)
       AAST Grand Round, March 2014
       Presented by:
Joseph Rappold, MD, and Joseph Galante, MD

19. Ventilator-associated pneumonia is dead: New CDC definitions for ventilation-
       associated conditions (VAC) and infection-related ventilator-associated complications

       AAST Grand Round, March 2014
       Presented by:
Martin Croce, MD
       Moderated by: Nicole Stassen, MD

18. Ballistics made fun and easy
       AAST Grand Round, February 2014
       Presented by:
Peter Rhee, MD
       Moderated by: Martin Schreiber, MD

17. Surviving Sepsis-What have we learned?
      AAST Grand Round, January 2014
      Presented by: William Cioffi, MD
      Moderated by: Robert Mackersie, MD

16. Trauma Systems: The Challenge Continues
       AAST Grand Round, December 2013
       Presented by:
Robert Mackersie, MD
       Moderated by: L.D. Britt, MD

15. Surgical Stabilization of Chest Injuries: Who, When and How?
       AAST Grand Round, November 2013
       Presented by:
John Mayberry, MD
       Moderated by: Robert Mackersie, MD

14. Laparoscopy for Acute Care Surgery
       AAST Grand Round, October 2013
       Presented by:
Jose J. Diaz Jr., MD
       Moderated by: Timothy Fabian, MD

13. Fractures to the Pelvic Ring: Diagnosis and Treatment
       AAST Grand Round, August 2013
       Presented by:
Thomas Scalea, MD
       Moderated by: Martin Croce, MD

12. Contemporary Update on Freeze Dried Plasma: The Future of Pre-Hospital Resuscitation for Military and Civilian Trauma
       AAST Grand Round, July 2013
       Presented by: 
David Baer, PhD
                      Jeremy Cannon, MD
       Moderated by: David V. Feliciano, MD

11. Sedation and Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit
       AAST Grand Round, June 2013
       Presented by: Ali Salim, MD
       Moderated by: Gregory J. Jurkovich, MD

10. The Impact of Obesity on Trauma, Surgical Critical Care, and Emergency General Surgery
       AAST Grand Round, May 2013
       Presented by: Carlos V.R. Brown, MD
       Moderated by: Andrew Peitzman, MD

9.   Traumatic Brain Injury
       AAST Grand Round, April 2013
       Presented by: Raminder Nirula, MD, MPH
       Moderated by: Martin Schreiber, MD

8.    Firearm-related Violence: A Plea for Prevention
       AAST Grand Round, March 2013
       Presented by:  Carnell Cooper, MD
                            Rochelle Dicker, MD
       Moderated by: Glen Tinkoff, MD 

7.    Major Hepatic Injury: We Can Do Better
       AAST Grand Round, February 2013
       Presented by: Andrew Peitzman, MD
       Moderated by: J. Wayne Meredith, MD

6.    How Evidence Based Are We?
       AAST Grand Round, January 2013
       Presented by: Nicholas Namias, MD
       Moderated by: Eileen Bulger, MD

5.    10-years of Salvage, Rehabilitation and Recovery of the Wartime Mangled Extremity
Archived Grand Round, December 2012
Presented by: Col. James Ficke, MD
                            Col. Todd Rasmussen, MD
      Moderated by: Dr. L.D. Britt, MD, MPH

4.    Blood Transfusion in Critically Ill Burn Patients
Archived Grand Round, November 2012
Presented by:  Richard Gamelli, MD

3.    Management of Thoracic Injuries
Archived Grand Round, March 2012
Presented by:  J. Wayne Meredith, MD

2.   Coagulopathy and Massive Bleeding in Trauma
Archived Grand Round, February 2012
Presented by:  Sandro Rizoli, MD, PhD

1.    Control of Pelvic Fracture Hemorrhage
Archived Grand Round, March 2011
Presented by:  Robert Mackersie, MD

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