Journal of Thoracic Oncology:
doi: 10.1097/01.JTO.0000445598.81357.ff
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Drug Index

Free Access

17-DMAG – 53P

Afatinib – 103P

Bevacizumab – 68P, 101P, 106P, 119P, 125P

Bortezomib – 53P

Bosutinib – 49P, 54P

Cabazitaxel – 67O

Cabozantinib – 94O

Carboplatin – 20P, 41P, 42P, 56P, 66O, 76P, 77P, 86P, 100PD, 105P, 108P

Cetuximab – 49P, 70P, 100PD

Cisplatin – 10P, 20P, 41P, 42P, 43P, 47P, 55P, 66O, 70P, 76P, 77P, 85P, 86P, 87P, 88P, 91O, 99PD, 101P, 105P, 108P, 113P, 114P, 115P, 116P, 118P

CO-1686 – 93O

Crizotinib – 92O

Cyclophosphamide – 66O, 69P, 70P

Darbepoetin alfa – 122P, 123TiP

Dasatinib – 49P, 54P

Debio 1143 – 45P, 46P

Docetaxel – 42P, 86P, 97PD

Doxorubicin – 22P, 66O, 69P

Erlotinib – 38O, 49P, 91O, 92O, 99PD, 103P, 107P, 111P

Etoposide – 66O, 70P, 85P, 87P, 88P

Gantespib – 39PD

Gefitinib – 38O, 49P, 92O, 95PD, 103P

Gemcitabine – 42P, 55P, 86P, 91O, 99PD, 115P, 116P

IL2 – 120P

Methotrexate – 70P

Nintedanib – 97PD

Nivolumab – 96PD, 102P

Paclitaxel – 42P, 56P, 68P, 77P, 86P, 100PD

Pemetrexed – 41P, 55P, 101P, 113P, 114P

PGG beta-glucan – 100PD

Ponatinib – 94O

Saracitinib – 49P

Selumetinib – 49P

Sunitinib – 94O

Temozolomide – 117P

Topotecan – 66O, 67O, 69P

Ubenimex – 75PD

Vandetanib – 94O

Vincristine – 66O, 69P, 70P

Vinorelbine – 42P, 43P, 77P, 86P

Vintafolide – 50P, 60P

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