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Journal of Thoracic Oncology:
doi: 10.1097/JTO.0b013e318253da12
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Drug Reference Index

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Bevacizumab: 80O, 169PD, 197P, 203P, 204P

Carboplatin: 157P, 190P, 192P, 195P, 200P, 211P, 221P

Cisplatin: 89PD, 136O, 145P, 157P, 174PD, 192P, 196P, 197P, 202P, 212P, 219P, 226P, 227O

Crizotinib: 76O, 87PD, 109P, 175P, 176P, 177P, 251P

Cyclophosphamide : 226P

Dacomitinib: 165O, 166O, 182P

Dasatinib: 86PD

Debio0932: 196P

Dendritic cells vaccine: 98P

Denosumab: 168O

Docetaxel: 136O, 145P, 167O, 174PD, 196P, 200P

Doxorubicine : 226P

EC145: 172PD

EC20: 172PD

Enobosarm: 187P, 188P

Erlotinib: 80O, 163O, 165O, 166O, 167O, 171PD, 173PD, 182P, 183P, 184P, 185P, 193P, 194P, 198P

Erythropoietin: 101P

Etoposide: 157P, 174PD, 212P, 219P, 226P

Gefitinib: 95P, 126P, 173PD, 185P

Gemcitabine: 157P, 174PD, 190P, 196P, 202P

Irinotecan: 221P

Paclitaxel: 195P, 211P

Pemetrexed : 125P, 192P, 196P, 197P, 198P, 199P, 200P, 201P, 202P, 204P

RAD001: 211P

Raltitrexed: 227O

SOM230: 211P

Sorafenib: 233P

Temozolomide: 193P

Topotecan: 221P

Vincristine: 226P

Vinorelbine: 89PD, 126P, 145P, 174PD

Zoledronic acid: 168O, 215P

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