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Editor-in-Chief: Suzanne D. Dixon, MD, MPH
ISSN: 0196-206X
Online ISSN: 1536-7312
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Expert Commentary: Indoor Tanning by Teens Linked to Unhealthy Weight Control Methods

    Associate Editor Carolyn E. Ievers-Landis, Ph.D offers

   commentary on the subject of tanning and the link to

   unhealthy weight control behaviors.


   Watch the video now. 

Editor Notes

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has released its new
practice guidelines for Autistic Spectrum Disorders.   The content of these
guidelines will be familiar to the readership of JDBP.  After presenting
background information on history, epidemiology, types and comorbidities of
Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the publication lays out seven basic
recommendations.  These include autism screening as part of all
developmental assessments and psychiatry evaluations, suggesting that some
screening instrument be used.  If positive, the use of a standardized
interview using DSM V criteria be provided.  Standardized assessments should
supplement but not replace clinical judgement regarding diagnosis.  Genetic
testing, PT, OT  are presented as optional as part of a comprehensive plan.
Treatment recommendations include structured educational and behavioral
interventions, including possibly Lovaas techniques.  Medication is to be
used for specific targeted symptoms and CAM's are to be specifically
discussed with families.  The guidelines present valuable tables of
screening and assessment instruments, educational interventions and
medications.  A large committee contributed to these guidelines.  There are
no pediatricians included in the group. -Suzanne Dixon

Featured Supplements

Challenging Cases in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, April 2010

The AAP released new guidelines on diagnosing and treating ADHD in younger children and adolescents. Take a moment to revisit the 2002 ADHD Special Supplement which presented controversies in the assessment, interpretation, and treatment of ADHD in early childhood.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Receives Widespread, Serious Consideration

Media Highlights
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April is offical Mathematic Awareness Month. Read more and find activities at mathaware.org.   Articles about math in JDBP:Related Resources Consequences, Characteristics, and Causes of Mathematical Learning Disabili...
Image Description
A recent study published in Journal of Pediatrics found that children with prenatal methampethamine exposure, as self-reported by their mothers or a positive meconium toxicology, had significantly higher cognitive proble...
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A new national survey of parents conducted for the National Consumers League finds that 1 in 3 parents continue to worry that vaccines can cause autism. Many are unaware that the previous linkage study has been retra...
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Several reports and studies in the last several weeks highlight the potential influence of parent behaviors and parenting styles on a number of outcomes in their children: HealthyDay highlights a study presented at th...
This report from NPR highlights a recent study published in Pediatrics that showed that children are more likely to get timely and effective help for their mental health concerns if it is available in the pediatrician's ...
This press release from our publisher Wolters Kluwer Health highlights a recent study published in the January/February issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine about the surprisingly high use of caffeinated beverages,...
We’ve moved our Media Highlights section into its own blog. Look here for periodic posts regarding current events and new developments in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics. Or join the new RSS feed.Published: 3/28/2014...
A new study presented at the American Psychosomatic Society, in San Francisco last week reported that children experiencing more adverse events in childhood were at significantly increased risk of developing later physic...

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