October/December 2017 - Volume 31 - Issue 4

  • Co-Founder, Senior and Perinatal Editor:
    Diane J. Angelini, EdD, CNM, NEA-BC, FACNM, FAAN
    Neonatal Editor:
    Katherine Gregory, PhD, RN
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Dear Readers,

The Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing (JPNN) has just completed its 30th Anniversary Celebration. We were delighted to have brought the 30th Anniversary Volume to the readership and to advance the perinatal and neonatal literature with this work.

This past 30th year has been one of transitions for JPNN leadership. During this past year, Dr. Susan Bakewell Sachs has stepped down as Neonatal Editor after 12 years; Dr. Susan Blackburn has also transitioned off as the Neonatal Contributing Editor after 12 years (in addition to her prior 10 years as Neonatal Editor). Thank you to both of them for their multiple contributions to advance the status of the neonatal section of JPNN. We honor them both and have acknowledged them in the Editors Emeritus Section of the Journal's masthead. Dr. Jackie Tillett has also stepped down after 12 years as Perinatal Contributing Editor but will remain on the Perinatal Board.

​On a transitional note, this is the start of a new calendar year with new additions and advances to the editorial leadership of JPNN. The Journal welcomes Dr. Katherine E. Gregory to the position of Neonatal Editor. Dr. Gregory had been a prior Contributing Editor for the neonatal section of JPNN.  In addition, Dr. Sara E. Rostas assumes a Contributing Editor position with a new column on Pharmacology for JPNN, and Dr. Joan R. Smith will assume the Expert Neonatal Column as Contributing Editor. For the Perinatal Section, we welcome Dr. Elisabeth D. Howard in her new role as Perinatal Contributing Editor for the expert perinatal column.

This coming year, the 31st for JPNN, covers a wealth of new topics which pertain to all levels of advanced practice for clinicians employed in perinatal and neonatal care. We invite the readership to review the upcoming issues listed on this website. In addition, please peruse the Collections section of this website as well as other articles published in the ahead of print column. 2017 is a year JPNN will consider advancing awards for best manuscripts of the year. Stay tuned and visit our website often in 2017!


Co-Founder, Senior and Perinatal Editor

Katherine E. Gregory PhD RN

Neonatal Editor


JPNN would like to welcome Dr Katherine E. Gregory in her new position as the Neonatal Editor for JPNN. Kate will assume this role starting January 2017 and looks forward to interacting with JPNN readers and authors. Kate can be reached via email at katherine.gregory.234@gmail.com.

The Editors of JPNN are interested in your ideas about upcoming issues of JPNN. Please click here to share your thoughts!

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