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Addressing the ResearchPractice Gap in Healthcare Management

Gautam, Kanak PhD

Journal of Public Health Management & Practice:
doi: 10.1097/01.PHH.0000311894.57831.4b

Recently, Renewed attention has been drawn to the gap between Research and practice in disciplines within schools of public health. This article addresses the Research-practice gap within healthcare management, a key discipline in schools of public health. Barriers and solutions are presented across four stages for converting Research to practice—discovery, translation, dissemination, and change. Foremost barriers include low credibility of academic Research, inadequate Research dissemination, neglect of practitioner concerns, and lack of external pressures for adopting Researched practices. Key solutions include educating practitioners about Research, collaborative studies with practitioners, adapting Research to practitioner needs, and holding organizations accountable for adopting evidence-based change.

In Brief

This article identifies key barriers that exist in the stages of discovery, translation, dissemination, and change involved in the conversion of Research to practice.

Author Information

Kanak Gautam, PhD, is Associate Professor of Healthcare Management at Saint Louis University School of Public Health. He is currently a member of a collaborative sponsored by the Academy of Management exploring ways to disseminate management Research to practitioners online.

Corresponding Author: Kanak Gautam, PhD, Department of Health Management & Policy, School of Public Health, Saint Louis University, 374 Salus Center, St. Louis, MO 63104 (

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