March 2013 - Volume 23 - Issue 3
pp: 107-179
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A polymorphism in the protein kinase C gene PRKCB is associated with α2-adrenoceptor-mediated vasoconstriction

Posti, Jussi P.; Salo, Perttu; Ruohonen, Saku; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics . 23(3):127-134, March 2013.

The LCS6 polymorphism in the binding site of let-7 microRNA to the KRAS 3′-untranslated region: its role in the efficacy of anti-EGFR-based therapy in metastatic colorectal cancer...

Sebio, Ana; Paré, Laia; Páez, David; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics . 23(3):142-147, March 2013.

Impact of POR*28 on the clinical pharmacokinetics of CYP3A phenotyping probes midazolam and erythromycin

Elens, Laure; Nieuweboer, Annemieke J.M.; Clarke, Stephen J.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics . 23(3):148-155, March 2013.

FKBP5 genetic variation: association with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment outcomes in major depressive disorder

Ellsworth, Katarzyna A.; Moon, Irene; Eckloff, Bruce W.; More

Pharmacogenetics and Genomics . 23(3):156-166, March 2013.