January/February 2017 - Volume 24 - Issue 1

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Dear Members of STN,

With Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott Williams and Wilkins'  recent enhancements to www.journaloftraumanursing.com, users now have an improved experience when accessing Journal of Trauma Nursing content with smart devices.  In line with this, the January issue of Journal of Trauma Nursing will be the final new issue made available in the Journal of TraumaNursing 's iPad app.  However, the app may still be used to download and read any previously published issues.  

As you know, Wolters Kluwer has been an industry leader in adopting digital content strategies. The rapid development of new digital channels and devices continues to influence our customers' needs, and we must evolve our strategies in step with new mobile access models to meet these shifting user preferences.

 With the enhanced, dynamic  www.journaloftraumanursing.com users will experience seamless adjustments and optimized viewing, regardless of the type of smart device they are using. To access new and archived Journal of Trauma Nursing content, they simply need to go to www.journaloftraumanursing.com and log in. 

Current Issue Highlights

With the launch of this section we hope to provide access to news and information of interest appearing beyond the borders of JTN.

Trauma in the News

Randomized Trial to Examine Head Injuries in Youth Football MedPage Today Oct 1 2016

Being Smart About Your Child's Brain  New York Times Op-Ed Dec 19, 2015

Texting while driving  NY Times article on distracted driving

Clinical Interest

Chronic Head Trauma in Athletes: The Debate Continues CE From Medscape Jan 2016

Being Prepared: Bioterrorism and Mass Prophylaxis Part 2  From Nursing Center Aug 2015

Being Prepared: Bioterrorism and Mass Prophylaxis Part 1  From Nursing Center Aug 2015

Concussion and the Teenage Athlete Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, July/August 2015

New Report on Teens and Distracted Driving AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, March 2015

Balanced Ratio of Plasma, Platelets and RBCs best for Trauma  Reuter's Health Feb 4, 2015